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Accessory Magnetic Products

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Accessory Magnetic Products
Accessory Magnetic Products

The many applications of permanent magnets to increase efficiency and implement cost savings are limited only by imagination, and our imagination is unlimited. Give us your problems in all types of material handling for standard and custom products … We will meet your needs. No job is too large or too small!

  • Magni-Float Magnetic Sheet Supports
  • Magni-Feed Rolls
  • H-Bar Permanent Magnets
  • Hand Magnets
  • Holding Magnets
  • Magni-Probes
  • Plate Magnets
  • Magnetic Filters-Wet or Dry
  • Magnetic Pulleys
  • Stainless Steel Conveyors and Equipment for Food and Material Handling
  • Magnetic Offset Separators for Pneumatic and Pressure Feed Lines
  • Magni-Grids-Permanent Magnetic Grid Filters
  • Magnetic Drum Separators
  • Magnetic Conveyors-Belt or Belt less
  • Magnetic Belt Separators
  • Magnetic Grid Conveyors
  • Spiked Apron Magnets
  • Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Magnetic Rails for Conveying
  • Electronic, Magnetic Switches